TC-7533 Bushmaster MKII DAC


The Beresford TC-7533 Bushmaster MKII DAC is the closest thing to a straight wire digital to analogue converter .

The ultra low noise design has set new standards in decoding accuracy, signal purity, detail and tonal balance.

The Bushmaster has been designed and optimized for the decoding of lossy file formats such as mp3, and also for wireless streaming.

The lack of any glare in the decoding now makes it possible to hear musical details in recordings you thought you knew very well. Bit accurate jitter controlled clocking for excellent signal separation.

A generous dynamic range overhead also reduces signal compression and clipping from the original source material.

Our revolutionary approach to the way that a DAC should be designed and built in order to produce the best possible musical reproduction, whilst shedding all the unwanted costs, has made the Bushmaster a popular choice with many old and newcomers to digital music.



Unique Features















  1. Auto/Manual input channel selection
  2. LED sleep mode during play to prevent LED noise interference.
  3. New generation 25MHz TOSLINK input sockets for even better optical performance
  4. Signal purity and continuity indication.
  5. Increased headroom and dynamic range
  6. Extremely low noise floor for accurate 24/192 playback
  7. 3D soundstage and imaging
  8. Straight wire design approach



Each Beresford DAC is individually assembled by hand, before undergoing a test session. Such level of workmanship is unheard of in the DAC market at this price level. But it ensures that each one of the limited quantity production run is built to the highest standard and care. The Bushmaster is made out of an all-metal enclosure for optimal shielding and appearance and features cutting edge circuit board architecture for superior performance.